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Fresh Devotional Christianity Works 2nd May 2020

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Fresh Devotional Christianity Works 2nd May 2020

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Fresh Devotional Christianity Works


Replacing the Toilet Paper

Tuesday, 2 June

Mark 9:35: Jesus sat down and called the twelve apostles to him. He said, “Whoever wants to be the most important must make others more important than themselves. They must serve everyone else.”

It’s time today to reflect on the positive impact (or not) that you’re having in the lives of other people. So here’s the question: what’s the one thing you could do to make more of an impact in the lives of others?

As children grow up, there are different stages – different milestones, if you will – along that road of development towards maturity.

Now call me crazy, but I think that a critical milestone in any teenager’s development is when they finally remember to put a fresh roll of toilet paper in the holder when they use up the previous roll. Any parent who’s had teenagers has a knowing smile on their face over that precious little insight!

Jokes aside, there comes a time in our lives when we need to start putting other people ahead of ourselves; where our heart changes from having that “me, me, me” focus into a servant’s heart that thinks more about the needs of others than our own.

Jesus was so full on about this. One time when His disciples were arguing about who was the greatest, He said this, plain and simple:

Mark 9:35 Whoever wants to be the most important must make others more important than themselves. They must serve everyone else.

In a very real sense, that flies in the face of the world’s so-called wisdom. Surely the most important people are the ones who make themselves most important.

But no, think about it. The most important people in your life are the ones who’ve served you the most.

This is such an important part of growing up. The problem is though, that some people just never grow up. And then we wonder why we don’t seem to be making a difference in other people’s lives.

Grow up. Serve others. Make an impact.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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n a gheataibh-san a steach,
Is thigibh fòs le maladh mòr
an cùirtibh naomh a theach :
Is thugaibh dha mòr-bhuidheachas,
ainm beannaichibh gu binn.

Psalm 100: 4

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